Healer Membership

Practising Student Members who have satisfied us that they are of good character and have reached an acceptable standard as Spiritual Healers may apply to become a full Healer Member.

When you apply to become a Healer Member, you will need to provide evidence that you have had at least two years experience of, and are competent in, the practice of Spiritual Healing. This evidence comes from a report by one Healer Member mentor who has observed your development; testimonials from four of your patients; attendance on training courses and details of your Healing experience recorded in your logbook. A Membership Panel will interview you and assess your suitability to become a Healer Member using this evidence of your development and experience.

Where interviews with a Membership Panel cannot be arranged locally, assessment in a country where facilities exist may be an alternative. Another more recent addition to our global membership service is the possibility of having a membership panel by Skype.

To be ready for Full Healer status you need the following:

  • Current Student Membership
  • To have attended NFSH Courses Parts 1 to 4 (or older versions - please enquire if unsure)
  • To be fully conversant with the Healing Act and Code of Conduct
  • An up to date log book, signed by yourself, your mentor and as filled in as possible
  • Four patients willing to submit testimonials
  • A current mentor (only one required) and to have had, from your mentor(s) 6 hours observed Healing in total over the last 2 year period of which the last observed Healing was within 3 months prior to Panel application
  • To submit a completed application form along with £40 Panel application fee, completed log book, copies of certificates and any other information which you feel may be relevant.

Application Form Download

Application for Healer Membership (PDF)