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The Natural Healing Service

She's not a doctor, but cancer patients in Leeds say she is invaluable in helping them cope with their journey. Katie Baldwin met Natural Healer Ruth Kaye.

'IT's to give you an ability to cope. It gives you a coping mechanism that some people might not inwardly have. I think that is paramount in dealing with any illness."

Emma Craven is a cancer patient being treated at St James's Hospital in Leeds – and she's also one of the many who have visited Ruth Kaye's haven at the hospital's new £220m cancer wing.

Dr Singh Acknowledges the Benefits of Healing

Dr Singh talks about referring patients to a Healer and the benefits they receive from Healing.

Marie Withers on having Healing in Hospital

Marie Withers talks about how having Healing in hospital helped her cope with cancer.

Coral Gardiner on the Benefits of Healing

Coral Gardiner, PhD, talks about the benefits of introducing Healing for the staff at her school.

Sandy Edwards talks about Healing

Sandy Edwards, a Healing Trust Healer, talks about patients' reactions to the Healing they receive.

Carol Waite - Healer in an NHS Oncology Department

Carol Waite, a Healing Trust Healer, talks about her experiences volunteering at the oncology department of an NHS hospital.

Dr Glaholm's Endorsement of Healing in the NHS

Dr Glaholm, Consultant Oncologist at a hospital in Birmingham, talks about the benefits of Healing and explains why he thinks it should be supported by the NHS.

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Channel 4: Enemies of Reason

This programme made some interesting observations but chose to ignore one significant factor; that the majority of people in the UK who use so called "alternative" remedies such as Homeopathy and Healing are in reality using them to complement, not as an alternative to, their conventional medicine.