Healing Awareness Week runs this year from Friday 30th April to Sunday 6th May. Every day during that week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we’ll be posting offers, giveaways, updates and information, all designed to raise awareness of healing across the wider community. If you’re organising an event, or have a healing related item to share with others, let us know, and we’ll help to spread the news.










Lucy Lofting, Animal Healing tutor and Healing Trust champion, writes, “We had a really good day at the Animal Healing Workshop in Cardiff and I hope achieved the brief to raise awareness of animal healing in Wales. Pleased to see representation from the Greyhound Rescue and Doctor Healing Network chair there.

“Cardiff has a brand new PDSA hospital and next year the opening of the newest Dogs Trust Rehoming centre, so is becoming a key city for animal welfare.”


Lesley Sumner chaired Saturday’s Healing Trust Council meeting which was positive and productive. There was lots of appreciation of the beneficial energy that is flowing through the organisation. It was great to see healer representatives from diverse locations swapping notes about best holistic practices. It’s fair to say that healing is flourishing.

Lesley joined the then NFSH in 1997 and attended all the courses in 1998, converting to full healer member in 2000.  She became Secretary of Region 9 in 2003 and has remained in that post for fifteen years. She became a Council Rep in 2008.


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Animal Healing is a major aspect of healing and is attracting a great deal of interest. This article provides an introduction for which Members can form part of their CPD.

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