It is established to promote public health by the promotion of spiritual healing for the benefit of the public by educating and training healers and by ensuring proper standards in the practice of spiritual healing.

  • The Healing Trust is unique in that its infrastructure is member-based.
  • The UK organisation is divided into 13 Regions each with a Regional Committee.
  • Two members from each Committee are elected to form a Council that acts as an Advisory Body to the Board of Trustees.
  • The Board of Trustees consists of a minimum of five, and a maximum if 12 members.  Three Executive Officers – Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer – are elected by Council. Two co-opted Trustees with specialist knowledge can also be voted on to the Board.

The Board of Trustees, Council, and The Healing Trust Fellows, are all Healer members whose focus is on supporting the purpose of the Charity, promoting Spiritual Healing, as well as being responsible for the governance of the Charity with the assistance of staff working at Central Office.

Collectively, the Board represents substantial professional knowledge and practical Healing experience. All members volunteer their time in supporting the Charity and their fellow members.

  • The Healing Trust’s established foundation and infrastructure offers Students and Members training, mentoring, and practical opportunities to fully develop their potential and practice in safe, supportive surroundings.